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Air Conditioning Installation

Summers are officially getting hotter.

For many of us at home, the coming decade and beyond will see irreversible climate changes. As barometers continue to soar, those without the ability to control the climate inside their homes may suffer from lethargy and heat stress induced by rising temperatures. 

At Atmosfair, we want to give homeowners back that control; ensuring a harmonious habitat where productivity and comfort aren’t compromised by the weather.

We cover all the necessary spaces that feel the effects of heat the most:

loft air conditioning

Loft spaces

With ventilation often an issue and considered to be the warmest of places in a home, lofts can become hot boxes where sleep or work are impossible. We ensure they aren’t wasted spaces.


Particularly susceptible to rapid rises in heat, the greenhouse effect makes these facilities stifling and also damaging to plant life. Regulate the temperature to preserve organic life and your place of work and play.

conservatory air conditioning
bedroom air conditioning


The most important climate in the house. With near silent air conditioning, keep your windows closed for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Home offices

With remote working on the rise since the Covid-19 pandemic, air conditioning ensures you stay productive whatever the weather.

home office air conditioning
home gym air conditioning

Home gyms

Many would avoid exercising inside at all during warmer months, but air conditioning allows you to continue to look and feel great.

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