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Future Heatwave Plans

Updated: May 12, 2023

air conditioning heat wave

This summer has been hot, right?

And with even more hot weather forecast for the rest of the summer, have you thought about future-proofing your home against heat waves? Many homeowners haven't, so it's essential to start planning now. Less than 5% of homes have air-conditioning in the UK compared to a whopping 90% in the USA. The lack of air-conditioning in the UK even prompted some to improvise, with videos of make-shift units circulating on social media. Given the typically cooler temperatures, it's understandable that much of our infrastructure is built to keep us warm in the winter rather than cool in the summer. As well as considering an air conditioning unit for your home, the Department for Health issued new advice for keeping cool in your home and how to deal with the warmer temperatures. In 'The Heatwave Plan for England', there is strong evidence that heatwaves can lead to death, especially to vulnerable groups, including older people (65 years of age and above), the very young (under five years of age) and people with pre-existing medical conditions. 'The Heatwave Plan for England' aims to prepare, alert and prevent people from the preventable health impacts of severe heat in England. Even during a relatively cool summer, 1 in 5 homes is likely to overheat. For many people, this makes life uncomfortable and sleeping difficult. You can keep cool in your home during the hotter days by shading or covering windows exposed to direct sunlight, turning off the central heating or lights and electrical equipment that isn't in use. Take a look at the full advice here: Stay safe this summer, and be prepared for the next heat wave! Make sure you're prepared and consider installing an air conditioning unit in your home. Air Conditioners can keep your home up to 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature, so as summer temperatures continue to rise, ensure your home is in a position to cope. If you need help choosing the right air conditioner in London or Hertfordshire for your home, call us, particularly if you're unsure about the right size unit. Atmosfair provides air conditioning services in London to suit all budgets and applications. Don't hesitate to contact our specialist team for expert advice on installing an air conditioning system in your home.

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